Anthony Joshua confident fight with Deontay Wilder will happen ‘soon’

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Anthony Joshua expressed his confidence that a potential fight with Deontay Wilder will happen soon, emphasizing that he continues to dominate the heavyweight division. This declaration followed Joshua’s victory over Robert Helenius at London’s O2 Arena, where he secured his 26th professional career win with a seventh-round stoppage.

Despite the spectacular finish, Joshua faced boos from the crowd during the third round and jeers returned by the halfway mark due to another pedestrian round. Nevertheless, the sold-out audience was on their feet after one minute and 27 seconds of round seven, knowing that this fight was a stepping stone to the highly anticipated clash with Wilder.

Discussions between Joshua’s camp and Wilder’s camp are ongoing, with Saudi Arabia’s promotional company Skills Challenge considering hosting the bout in January or February. Joshua remains unconcerned about the timing of the fight, stating that any time is a good time to fight. He is focused on keeping heavyweight boxing in the spotlight and believes that his involvement in the sport has brought entertainment to the division.

Joshua holds the belief that he is carrying heavyweight boxing and views himself as a contender striving to make his mark. His dedication to fighting the best and giving his best is what he believes will be remembered in the future. He takes pride in not protecting his record but instead challenging himself against formidable opponents.

The final sentence of Joshua’s statements seems to be directed at Tyson Fury, another British boxer, who is set to face Francis Ngannou in a crossover fight in Riyadh. Despite not holding any titles for nearly two years, Joshua remains confident in his team’s ability to strike a deal with Wilder’s camp.

Joshua credited trainer Derrick James for his first knockout victory in three years. Despite some frustration with Joshua’s tactics of not consistently engaging with Helenius, Joshua defended his approach, explaining that competitive boxing is about shutting down an opponent’s offense and that building confidence and strategy is crucial.

In conclusion, Joshua is optimistic about a potential fight with Wilder and remains committed to his role in the heavyweight division. He trusts his team to negotiate the fight and is confident in their ability to deliver. Joshua’s victory over Helenius has further fueled his determination to achieve something significant in the boxing world.

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