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British boxer Anthony Joshua has set his sights on a bout with Deontay Wilder following a resounding knockout victory over Robert Helenius. Reflecting on his win, Joshua expressed his determination to defeat Wilder, vowing to “smash his head in.”

In the seventh round of the fight against Helenius, Joshua delivered a powerful right hand that ultimately sealed his victory. Elated with his performance, Joshua believes that this triumph opens doors to even greater opportunities. He remarked, “I’m just happy to get the win because I always know after one win, it leads to something spectacular and I think we’re onto something big.”

Now, Joshua’s sole focus lies on facing his rival, Deontay Wilder. He is driven by the desire to conquer and defeat his opponent, emphasizing his intention to “smash his head in.” With determination in his voice, Joshua has redirected his energy towards preparing for this upcoming colossal showdown.

The prospect of a match between Joshua and Wilder has generated immense excitement within the boxing community. The clash of these two heavyweights promises to be a thrilling spectacle, captivating fans worldwide. Given their athletic abilities and competitive spirit, the event is set to deliver an intense and unforgettable experience.

Joshua’s knockout victory against Helenius served as a testament to his exceptional talent and relentless drive. His ability to deliver a devastating blow in the seventh round showcased his power and technique. Joshua’s win not only solidified his position in the boxing world but also propelled him further towards his ultimate goal of becoming a truly dominant force.

As the build-up for the highly-anticipated fight between Joshua and Wilder intensifies, fans eagerly await the announcement of a date and venue. This clash has the potential to be a defining moment in both fighters’ careers, showcasing their prowess in the ring and determining who will emerge victorious.

In the lead-up to the fight, both Joshua and Wilder will undoubtedly undergo rigorous training regimes. They will leave no stone unturned in their quest for success, pushing themselves to the limits both mentally and physically. Their commitment and dedication to their craft will undoubtedly make this encounter all the more enthralling.

As Joshua sets his sights on Wilder, the boxing world eagerly awaits the outcome of this clash. Regardless of the result, one thing is certain – both fighters will leave everything in the ring, fighting with immense heart and determination. Fans can expect nothing less than a spectacular showdown between two giants of the sport.

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