Ashley Young embracing challenge of turning things around for Everton

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Ashley Young, the new signing for Everton, has expressed his determination and hunger for the game as he begins his 19th Premier League season with a defeat. The 38-year-old winger joined Everton on a free transfer this summer, following the end of his contract after his second spell at Aston Villa. Despite some considering his move to Everton, a club that narrowly escaped relegation in recent years, as a gamble, Young is excited about the challenge of helping to turn things around at Goodison Park. In fact, he was one of the standout performers in Everton’s 1-0 defeat to Fulham.

Young dismisses concerns about his age, stating that age is just a number. He emphasizes that he is still as fit as anyone and is determined to prove his abilities on the pitch. He believes in his leadership skills, both on and off the pitch, and his winning mentality, which he believes can contribute positively to the team. Young asserts that he still has a lot to offer and is committed to doing well at Everton.

Upon signing for Everton, Young expressed his belief that the team has the potential to reach the top 10 in the Premier League. He remains confident in this belief and sees the club progressing with hard work on the training ground and the accumulation of points on the board. Young is eager to contribute his qualities to the squad and aims to give his all for Everton.

In conclusion, Ashley Young’s signing for Everton has brought a wealth of experience and determination to the club. Despite his age, Young remains motivated and hungry for success. He is confident in his abilities and leadership skills, which he believes can make a positive impact on the squad. Young is committed to helping Everton progress and achieve a higher league position.

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