Former England star confirms he is ‘alive and well’ but fed up of ‘gag that comes out twice a year’

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Former England footballer Peter Crouch has reassured his fans that he is “alive and well” in response to a hilarious video that resurfaced online. The video in question shows groundstaff at a football stadium carrying a large bag off the field, resembling a body bag that would be fitting for Crouch, who stands at 6ft 7in. The caption accompanying the video read, “RIP Peter Crouch.” Similar jokes have been made in the past using photos of collapsed warm-up goals, nets, and rolled-up banners.
The video was shared on the Out of Context Football Twitter account, and a frustrated Crouch, who has been the target of such banter for over 20 years, retweeted the clip, expressing his annoyance with the repetitive joke. He wrote, “I’m alive and well and this gag comes out twice a year,” followed by an ‘unamused’ emoji. However, fans responded with various witty comebacks, finding humor in the situation.
Crouch’s long legs have been a constant source of banter throughout his playing career. The video and accompanying jokes highlight this ongoing trend. In fact, Liverpool fans even had a chant for Crouch during his time at Anfield, which went, “He’s big, he’s red, his feet stick out the bed, Peter Crouch.”
Despite the teasing, Crouch has been enjoying his summer off-season with his model wife, Abbey Clancy, and has had the opportunity to attend events such as Ascot and Glastonbury. He also had a chance encounter with fellow footballer Harry Maguire during a trip to Portugal.
Crouch’s sense of humor and ability to handle the jokes directed at him have endeared him to his fans, who continue to find amusement in his lanky stature. While he may be running out of patience with the “gag that comes out twice a year,” it seems that his fans still enjoy making light-hearted jokes at his expense.

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