Former Scotland bowler Majid Haq allegedly racially abused umpiring this weekend

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Former Scotland off-spinner Majid Haq was allegedly racially abused while umpiring a match at Greenock Cricket Club on Saturday, according to Aamer Anwar, the lawyer representing the ex-player. Haq and another former international, Qasim Sheikh, had previously accused Cricket Scotland of being “institutionally racist” and “unfit for purpose.” Cricket Scotland has strongly condemned the behavior and accused “cricketing trolls” of bringing shame to the game.

In a tweet on Sunday evening, Anwar stated that his client, Majid Haq, had been subjected to vile racist abuse while umpiring, and an individual has been charged. He criticized those still in denial, stating that they bring shame to the game and are stuck in the dark ages. The allegations made by Haq and Sheikh led to an independent review, which revealed 448 examples of racism within Cricket Scotland.

Anjan Luthra, who was appointed as the new chair of Cricket Scotland, resigned less than six months after taking the role. He claimed that efforts to improve the organization were being undermined by lobbyists. The alleged racist abuse suffered by Haq has prompted Cricket Scotland to issue a statement condemning the behavior. They stated that racism has no place in sport or society and is a scar on cricket. Cricket Scotland is committed to eradicating racist behavior and attitudes from the game.

Due to the ongoing criminal case, Cricket Scotland is unable to provide further comment. However, they have confirmed that they are working with the Cricket Scotland Match Officials Association, the Western District Cricket Union, and Greenock Cricket Club to ensure that internal disciplinary proceedings are conducted swiftly and appropriately while following due process.

The incident involving Majid Haq serves as a reminder of the challenges and issues that still exist within the world of cricket. Racism should never be tolerated, and it is essential for sporting organizations to take strong action against such behavior. Cricket Scotland must continue to address the issue of racism and work towards creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone involved in the sport. It is only by confronting these issues head-on that meaningful change can occur, ensuring that cricket remains a game that brings people together rather than dividing them.

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