Harry Kane sends message to Tottenham fans as Bayern move confirmed

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Harry Kane has announced his departure from Tottenham in an emotional message to the club’s fans. The star forward’s transfer saga to Bayern Munich was briefly delayed, but he has now been allowed to travel for his medical. In an Instagram post addressed to Tottenham fans, Kane expressed his gratitude and sadness, stating that he had spent almost 20 years at the club, from his time as an 11-year-old boy to a 30-year-old man. He thanked his teammates, coaches, managers, and all the staff members associated with the club for their support throughout the years.

Kane also expressed his heartfelt appreciation to the Tottenham fans, emphasizing that he has always considered himself one of them. He acknowledged the special relationships he has built and promised to give his all to make them proud and create lasting memories. The deal for the England captain could reach a value of £120 million, following positive negotiations between the two clubs on Wednesday night.

The transfer saga surrounding Kane has been a drawn-out affair throughout the summer. It is expected that Bayern Munich will officially announce his signing soon, with the possibility of him making his debut in the German Super Cup against Leipzig on Saturday evening. Kane explained that he decided to leave now to allow the team and new manager to focus on their upcoming season without the distraction of unresolved future talks. He wished them luck and expressed his intention to support Tottenham as a fan.

The departing striker also took the opportunity to thank all the Tottenham fans around the world for their unwavering support. He and his family will always cherish the moments they shared together. While Kane did not bid a final farewell, he acknowledged that the future is uncertain and expressed his gratitude once again. He concluded his message by assuring the fans that he will be watching this season and wished the entire club success.

Overall, Harry Kane’s departure from Tottenham marks the end of an era for both the player and the club. His emotional farewell message reflected his gratitude towards the fans and his desire to see Tottenham succeed in the future. As he begins a new chapter in his career with Bayern Munich, the football world eagerly awaits his next move.

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