James Maddison promises to fill creative void of recent years at Tottenham

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James Maddison has expressed his determination to fill the creative void at Tottenham Hotspur following his move to the club. The England international completed a £40 million transfer from Leicester City in June and is set to make his debut in Tottenham’s Premier League opener against Brentford. While the departure of Harry Kane to Bayern Munich has left a bitter taste for the fans, there is optimism surrounding the attacking brand of football that new manager Ange Postecoglou aims to implement, as well as excitement around signings like Maddison.

During a TNT Sports event before Kane’s departure, Maddison revealed his belief that Tottenham was the right fit for him: “There’s a little window for me at Tottenham Hotspur, a creative player that they’ve always had, maybe not had in recent years. I could definitely see myself, when making the decision, playing for Tottenham, in that kit, in that stadium and being the creative player I know I can be. I’ve always had a strong self-belief and I’ll always back myself and my own ability to succeed. It hasn’t failed me so far so I will continue to have that mindset and attitude. I just saw myself playing at Tottenham.”

Maddison, now 27, has been on Spurs’ radar since his teenage years at Coventry City. After spells with Norwich City and Leicester, he will finally wear the white shirt of Tottenham. He is seen as the natural successor to Christian Eriksen, the team’s chief creator until his departure in 2020. With Kane’s departure, the creative burden will fall more heavily on Maddison’s shoulders.

Reflecting on Spurs’ past interest in him, Maddison said: “When I spoke to the chairman (Daniel Levy), he shared with me that he was a fan of mine and had followed my career for a while. That was obviously nice to hear. Sometimes things don’t always work out and you can’t just like a player and get them, it doesn’t always work like that. It is a little bit more complicated than that, but it was nice to hear and that there had been interest.”

Maddison also shared his enthusiasm for new manager Ange Postecoglou, who made him one of his vice-captains on Saturday. Speaking about Postecoglou’s style of play, Maddison said: “I think that’s why he’s at Tottenham as well because of how he likes to play. It kind of suits Tottenham and maybe what they lacked a little bit with managers of recent times. The club has obviously had some big-name managers and the type of football I imagine Spurs fans want to see has been a little bit lacking. But the quality is there to be an attacking team. The players are there to do it and the manager made no hesitation on the way he wants to play.”

In conclusion, James Maddison is eager to embrace his role as Tottenham’s creative force and is confident in his ability to succeed at the club. With the support of the fans, manager, and teammates, he aims to bring an attacking style of play to Tottenham that has been missing in recent years.

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