Lucas Glover holds onto lead in Memphis with Tommy Fleetwood two strokes behind

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American golfer Lucas Glover maintained his strong performance in Memphis, ending the third day at the top of the leaderboard. He was closely followed by England’s Tommy Fleetwood, just two strokes behind in third place.

Glover secured his lead in the FedEx Cup by shooting a four-under par 66, including five birdies and a single bogey. Despite considering it a scrappy day, the 43-year-old golfer felt satisfied with his performance, stating that he “got a lot out of what [he] had.” Reflecting on his progress, Glover admitted that three months ago, he would have found a score of 66 impressive, highlighting his growing confidence.

Maintaining his position in third place, Fleetwood displayed consistent play with seven birdies and three bogeys. As he seeks his first victory in the United States, the English golfer remains focused and determined.

Northern Ireland’s Rory McIlroy improved his standing by moving up two places to equal sixth, trailing five strokes behind the leader. McIlroy’s round of two-under par 68 included six birdies and four bogeys. Although he admitted feeling stuck in a “neutral” position, the golfer remains optimistic about his chances of contention on the final day of the tournament. Expressing his belief in his ability to “catch fire,” McIlroy hopes to make a strong push towards the top.

In conclusion, Lucas Glover’s outstanding performance secured him the top spot on the leaderboard in Memphis, closely pursued by Tommy Fleetwood. As the tournament heads into its final day, golf fans eagerly anticipate the exciting conclusion and potential shifts in rankings.

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