Netball star Chelsea Pitman aiming to ‘inspire’ netball legacy after World Cup silver

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Chelsea Pitman, a prominent figure in netball and a member of the England Roses, hopes that the sport and the team will receive more attention and recognition in discussions and media coverage of women’s sports following their silver medal win at the World Cup in South Africa. Although England was defeated 61-45 by Australia in the final, the team’s victory over Australia in the group stages showcased their potential. Despite falling short of their 2018 Commonwealth Games triumph, Pitman reflects on the enjoyable experience of the tournament, highlighting the fun and positive atmosphere within the team.

This year has been a significant one for women’s sports, with major events such as the Fifa Women’s World Cup, the Women’s Ashes, the Women’s T20 World Cup, and the Solheim Cup all taking place. Pitman hopes that netball can seize the opportunity to capitalize on the growth of women’s sports globally in 2019. She expresses her desire for netball, specifically the England Roses, to be at the forefront of conversations and media coverage, following in the footsteps of the successful Lionesses.

Pitman mentions the increase in participation in netball following the 2018 Commonwealth Games and the World Cup in England in 2019. She emphasizes the importance of promoting the growth of the sport, aiming to professionalize it and develop the Netball Super League. The team’s goal is not only to achieve success but also to inspire more people to watch and engage with netball. They hope that their performances will encourage spectators to attend domestic competitions and support the team in England.

As devoted athletes, the players are passionate about the growth of netball and want to contribute to its development. They understand that their role extends beyond on-court success and includes furthering the growth of the sport. Pitman and her teammates are dedicated to working hard to ensure that netball receives the recognition it deserves and that it continues to thrive.

In conclusion, Chelsea Pitman and the England Roses aim to elevate netball’s profile and secure a place in the spotlight alongside other women’s sports. They hope that their accomplishments will inspire others to engage with netball and contribute to its growth. Their focus extends beyond their own success and emphasizes the importance of developing the sport and creating opportunities for more people to be involved.

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