Rachel Daly confident England can cope without injured Keira Walsh against China

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The Lionesses of England are confident in their ability to cope without injured midfielder Keira Walsh as they continue their World Cup campaign. They only need a point in their final group match against China to secure top spot in Group D and advance to the last 16. Walsh suffered a knee injury in their recent victory over Denmark, but scans revealed that it was not a serious anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury.

Rachel Daly, an England veteran, expressed her relief that Walsh’s injury wasn’t more severe. She acknowledged Walsh’s importance to the team both on and off the pitch, but emphasized that they have a 23-player squad capable of stepping up in her absence. Daly believes in the resilience and depth of the team and sees Walsh’s injury as an opportunity for someone else to showcase their abilities. She stated that the team is focused on getting the job done and supporting Walsh in her recovery.

Walsh will remain with the team for medical assessments while they continue their World Cup campaign. The team is determined to perform well in her absence and secure a victory against China. Daly mentioned their resilience and the unique abilities that each player brings to the squad.

Monday also marks the one-year anniversary of England’s historic victory in the Euro 2022 final at Wembley Stadium. Since then, some players have retired or dealt with injuries, resulting in a different starting lineup for the current World Cup. Despite the changes, the team is eager to shift their focus to the present and strive for their first Women’s World Cup title.

Daly acknowledged that the team has faced increased pressure and attention since their Euro triumph, but they see it as a privilege and have embraced the challenge. While they appreciate their previous success, they are fully focused on the current tournament and the challenges ahead.

In conclusion, the England team is confident in their ability to cope without Keira Walsh and continue their successful World Cup campaign. They believe in the depth of their squad and are determined to secure a victory in their final group match. Despite changes since their Euro triumph, they remain focused on the present and the goal of winning the Women’s World Cup.

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