Why is BT Sport being rebranded to TNT Sports? Eurosport merger explained

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TNT Sports has officially launched in the United Kingdom, completing the rebranding of the channel formerly known as BT Sport. The channel will now broadcast the new season of Premier League and Champions League football, as well as Premiership Rugby. This rebranding follows the purchase of BT Sport by Warner Bros Discovery, which also owns Eurosport. Eventually, the two channels will be merged under the TNT Sports brand, allowing fans to enjoy a wide range of sports including football, rugby, tennis, and Olympic events all in one place. However, for now, Eurosport will remain separate as it is the lead broadcaster of the Paris 2024 Olympics in the UK and Ireland.

So what does this mean for subscribers? And what exactly is TNT Sports? BT Sport, launched in August 2013, is a collection of paid sports channels available in the UK and Ireland. It covers a variety of sports such as Premier League and Champions League football, rugby, cricket, and MotoGP. Warner Bros Discovery (WBD) and BT Group announced a merger last year to form a joint venture that will eventually bring together Eurosport and BT Sport. Warner Bros Discovery is a multinational mass media conglomerate that operates renowned television brands like CNN and HBO.

TNT Sports is a well-known brand in Latin America, serving as the home for top-level domestic and European football. Starting from July 2023, TNT Sports will have its own dedicated brand in the UK and Ireland, just in time for the 2023/24 football season. Andrew Georgiou, the managing director of WBD Sports Europe, stated that the decision to rebrand was motivated by the global scale and expertise that Warner Bros Discovery brings to the partnership with BT.

For former BT Sport subscribers, the transition to TNT Sports only requires tuning in to the new channel, as there is no separate channel to switch to. For those who used the BT Sport app for regular viewing, discovery+ will be the new live streaming platform for the rebranded channel. Subscribing to TNT Sports through discovery+ will cost £29.99 per month, the same as the previous BT Sport Monthly Pass. This subscription includes access to Eurosport and the entertainment offerings on the platform.

Once the merger is complete, sports enthusiasts can look forward to watching a wide range of major sporting events on the new channel. This includes the Olympic Games, Premier League and Champions League football, Premiership Rugby, MotoGP, UFC, boxing, WWE, tennis Grand Slams, cycling Grand Tours, and the winter sports season. With the merger, fans will have the convenience of accessing these events under one channel banner.

In conclusion, the rebranding of BT Sport to TNT Sports in the UK and Ireland marks an exciting new chapter for sports broadcasting. Warner Bros Discovery’s acquisition of BT Sport and Eurosport enables them to offer a comprehensive range of sports coverage, giving viewers the opportunity to enjoy their favorite sports all in one place.

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