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Video doorbells: Police embrace them but do they cut crime?

From a physical security standpoint, the effectiveness of doorbells in providing protection is questionable. The speaker highlights her uncertainty regarding the true value of these devices for individuals. She proceeds to illustrate a scenario where doorbell cameras allow homeowners to witness thefts, such as the delivery of packages being stolen. However, the speaker asserts that often, the presence of these …

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The Case of the Internet Archive vs. Book Publishers

In 1984, the phrase “Information wants to be free” was first coined, predicting the arrival of the internet and the abundance of information it would bring. Digital reproduction of data and words costs nothing, leading to a surplus of information. However, information also has the potential to be expensive. The right information at the right time can be invaluable, whether …

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Amazon releases some seller funds after UK intervention Inc. has responded to complaints from sellers in the United Kingdom and the European Union by initiating the release of their funds, according to a report by the BBC. This comes after concerns were raised about the company’s policy regarding the withholding of funds. In response to the feedback, Amazon has taken steps to address the issue and ensure …

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Why US tech giants are threatening to quit the UK

Amidst this context, there is a prominent figure in the British government, Rishi Sunak, who proudly declares himself as a supporter of technology. Sunak is making concerted efforts to attract the highly profitable artificial intelligence (AI) sector, which is primarily dominated by companies based in the United States, to establish their presence in the United Kingdom. Despite the challenges, a …

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Amazon releases some seller funds after complaints

Amazon, the renowned online retail giant, has recently been under scrutiny for temporarily withholding funds from certain sellers. However, in a commendable move, the company has decided to release those withheld earnings after numerous businesses were left on the brink of collapse. The decision by Amazon to withhold seller takings was not without controversy. Many entrepreneurs, who rely heavily on …

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El Perucetus pudo haber sido el animal más pesado de la historia

Paleontologists presented on Wednesday the fossilized bones of one of the strangest whales in history. This 39 million-year-old leviathan, called Perucetus, possibly weighed around 200 tons, as much as a blue whale, which until now was the heaviest animal on record. While blue whales are elegant and fast divers, Perucetus was a very different beast. Researchers suspect that it lazily …

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Amazon releases some seller funds after UK govt intervention Inc. has taken the decision to release sellers’ funds following complaints from some sellers in the United Kingdom and the European Union about the company’s policy, according to a report by the BBC. It is reported that Amazon introduced a policy which was causing delays in releasing sellers’ funds, much to the dissatisfaction of the affected sellers. This move …

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Heat, golfers and other obstacles to birding success

Birding, or birdwatching, is a popular activity that attracts both experienced birders and newcomers alike. However, like any hobby, there are often challenges and hurdles that can make enthusiasts think twice about continuing. Recently, we asked our readers to share the obstacles they have encountered while birding, and their responses were varied and insightful. One reader, Diane Drobka from Pima, …

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Una molécula para que el cáncer se autodestruya

In all types of cancer, there are molecules that accelerate uncontrollable and deadly growth. What would happen if scientists could target those molecules with others that would cause the cells to self-destruct? What if what drives the survival of cancer could instead activate the program for its destruction? A few years ago, during a walk in a sequoia forest near …

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Nikola recalls 209 vehicles over coolant leak

Nikola Corporation has announced that it will be conducting a recall of approximately 209 of its Class 8 Tre battery-electric vehicles. This decision came after an investigation conducted by a third-party entity known as Exponent. The investigation revealed that there was a coolant leak within a single battery pack. The recall process will involve addressing the issue found in the …

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