‘If I Die, Delete My Browser History’—OperaGX Makes Good on the Meme

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Are you concerned about your parents or partner discovering your favorite websites after you die? Well, Opera, the internet browser company, has come up with a solution. They have launched a new feature called “Fake My History” which acts as a “deadman switch” by swapping your real browser history with a set of more wholesome sites using artificial intelligence.

A deadman switch, also known as a trigger or kill switch, is a tool that requires users to provide proof of life and control of the machine. In the case of “Fake My History,” once enabled, it acts as a deadman switch by automatically deleting your browsing history and replacing it with a fake version.

To test the feature, users can check the box next to “Pretend I’m already dead.” Once confirmed, OperaGX generates random history links to replace the original ones. The fake web searches include terms such as “local volunteer opportunities,” “free online courses for personal growth,” and “how to encourage voting in my community.” These upstanding queries aim to make your browsing history appear more virtuous and presentable.

OperaGX Product Director Maciej Kocemba explained, “With ‘Fake My History,’ we’re wiping the slate clean and replacing your scandalous digital shenanigans with a totally fake version of your browsing past.” The feature seeks to provide peace of mind to users who are worried about their browsing history being discovered by nosy partners, parents, or roommates.

This new feature aligns with a growing trend among tech companies to address the privacy and social media preferences of deceased individuals. Both Apple and Facebook offer a “Legacy Contact” feature that allows users to designate a trusted person to handle their accounts after they pass away. Likewise, crypto companies like Sarcophagus are developing deadman switch solutions for the management of digital assets.

Opera’s “Fake My History” feature is not limited to cases of death. It can also be used if a user decides to switch to a different internet browser. However, the company did not provide specific information on how the fake links are chosen.

OperaGX, launched in 2019, is an internet browser designed for gamers and fans of anime. It offers customizable controls for RAM and processing power, as well as built-in features like Twitch subscriptions, Discord messaging, and gaming news. Additionally, Opera has entered the blockchain space by adding support for decentralized applications and cryptocurrencies.

In March, Opera introduced artificial intelligence to its browsers with the “AI Prompts” feature. Users can access ChatGPT and ChatSonic directly in the Opera sidebar. This integration allows for more advanced AI capabilities for those with ChatGPT Plus subscriptions.

Although Decrypt has reached out to Opera for comment, they have not yet responded. As technology continues to evolve, companies like Opera are finding innovative ways to address the privacy concerns of their users, even after they have passed away.

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