Linux Kernel Prepares Rust Toolchain Upgrade To v1.71

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Linux 6.5 has recently upgraded its Rust toolchain to Rust 1.68.2. This marks the first upgrade of the Rust toolchain since the initial version 1.62 requirements when the first Rust kernel code was introduced. The Linux kernel developers are planning a second upgrade to Rust 1.71.

The developers of the Linux kernel have been working on integrating Rust into the kernel and aim to continue upgrading the Rust toolchain until reaching a minimum version where all the necessary features have been stabilized. As of now, the Linux kernel developers are still utilizing some “unstable” Rust features, which means that further upgrades of the compiler toolchain will be necessary in the near future.

Miguel Ojeda recently sent out a patch that upgrades the Rust code to version 1.71. However, no unstable features used by the kernel were stabilized between the 1.68 and 1.71 series. Despite this, some small changes to the kernel code were required for this upgrade.

If you are interested in the Rust 1.71 upgrade for the Linux kernel, you can check out the patch mentioned. Given the timing, it is highly likely that this Rust toolchain upgrade will happen in the upcoming Linux 6.6 kernel cycle.

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In conclusion, the Linux kernel has made significant progress in integrating the Rust programming language. The developers are committed to continuously upgrading the Rust toolchain to ensure the stability of the necessary features. The upcoming upgrade to Rust 1.71 is anticipated to further enhance the performance and capabilities of the Linux kernel.

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