New ‘X’ Sign on Twitter’s Headquarters in San Francisco Is Under Investigation

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Twitter’s rebranding effort has hit a roadblock as the “X” sign installed on the company’s San Francisco headquarters is under investigation by the city for lacking proper permits. According to officials, a building permit is required to ensure the sign is structurally sound and installed safely, while planning review and approval are also necessary for its installation.

A complaint filed with the city states that an inspector visited the Twitter headquarters on Friday to notify the company of the violation and request access to the roof to inspect the sign. Twitter representatives claimed that the sign was a temporary lighted sign for an event. However, inspectors attempted to gain access to the roof again on Saturday but were denied entry by the tenant.

Twitter has not yet responded to the city’s request for comment. Matt Dorsey, the District 6 supervisor who represents the area where Twitter is located, expressed disappointment in the company’s refusal to let building inspectors in and hoped for a change in their stance. He emphasized the potential for a productive partnership between Twitter and the city, urging them to work together to address the sign issue.

Notably, this is not the first time Twitter has faced issues regarding signage. Last week, the San Francisco police intervened when workers tried to remove the brand’s iconic bird logo from the building without properly ensuring pedestrian safety. A complaint was also filed with the city regarding the removal of the original sign, and the “X” sign was promptly installed soon after.

The investigation by the city highlights the importance of adhering to proper procedures and permits when making changes to a building’s exterior. It serves as a reminder to companies that they must follow regulations and work in collaboration with local government authorities to ensure compliance and maintain a positive relationship with the community.

As Twitter navigates this issue, it is crucial for them to demonstrate a cooperative attitude towards the authorities. By doing so, they can foster a productive partnership with the city government and showcase their commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen. This incident serves as a valuable lesson for all companies regarding the importance of being mindful of regulations and working closely with local authorities during rebranding or renovations.

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