Pokemon Go players call out Niantic for missing Poliwag Community Day bonus

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Author: Chris Studley

Published: 2023-07-30T16:28:25

Updated: 2023-07-30T16:28:37

Sierra will always start with Poliwag in Pokemon Go.

Niantic promised players a 50% reduction in Stardust required for trades during the Poliwag Community Day event in Pokemon Go. However, it was discovered that this was not the case.

The Poliwag Community Day event took place on July 30 and gave Pokemon Go players the opportunity to catch plenty of Kanto-region Pokemon and obtain special moves.

Trainers were also promised other special bonuses, including a reduction in the amount of Stardust needed for trades and an additional Special Trade.

Unfortunately, these bonuses were missing for some players.

Reddit users shared screenshots of Pokemon Go trades that took place during the Poliwag Community Day event, revealing a major issue. The screenshots showed that players did not receive the 50% reduction in Stardust required for trades as expected. According to the Pokemon Go website, trades made between 2-10 PM local time were supposed to receive the bonus.

Other trainers, including one in Guam and another in Malaysia, confirmed that Community Day trade bonuses were not being granted.

One trainer did notice that the Stardust reduction bonuses were working for a brief period of time, but they disappeared after 5 PM. Additionally, there was no ability to make a third special trade, which was another Community Day bonus.

Players expressed frustration over these issues. One user commented, “Niantic will be trying for the award for more consistent performance at this rate.”

Another player sarcastically remarked, “Be fair. It’s easy to get this wrong. It’s not like they do a community day every month.”

In addition to the Stardust reduction bonuses for trades, Pokemon Go trainers had the opportunity to obtain a Poliwrath with Counter and a Politoed with Ice Beam.

Overall, the missing Stardust bonuses during the Poliwag Community Day event in Pokemon Go disappointed many players who were expecting the promised reductions for trades. It remains to be seen how Niantic will address this issue and ensure a more consistent performance for future events.

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