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On Thursday, 27 July, long queues of cars could be seen stretching back from the Port of Dover as summer travel for holidaymakers began. The port authorities reported that it has been “extremely busy” with traffic jams causing bottlenecks. Previously, the average processing time at the border was around 90 minutes, which is expected for peak travel days. However, on Thursday afternoon, this time was significantly reduced to just 20 minutes. As of now, nearly 15,000 travelers have departed from the port.

Moreover, it has been confirmed that all the positions for French border officials, the Police Aux Frontieres, are currently open. This is good news for the smooth movement of people going in and out of Dover. With all the border officials active and the reduced processing time, it is anticipated that more and more holidaymakers will be able to embark on their journeys without major delays.

The image attached to this article shows the congested roads leading up to the Port of Dover. The endless line of vehicles speaks volumes about the high demand for travel during this holiday season. Despite the challenges posed by the heavy traffic, it is encouraging to see that the port authorities have been making efforts to streamline the process and minimize waiting times for travelers.

The start of the summer travel season is typically a busy period for the Port of Dover, as it serves as a gateway for travelers heading to various destinations. It is a crucial point of entry and exit for many tourists and it is essential that the operations run smoothly to ensure a positive travel experience for everyone involved.

Overall, while there have been congestions and some delays at the Port of Dover, the situation seems to have improved with reduced processing times and all border officials being present. As more holidaymakers take to the roads and embark on their journeys, it is important that both the port authorities and travelers remain patient and prepared for potential delays. However, with the measures in place, it is expected that the situation will continue to improve and travelers will be able to enjoy a smooth travel experience throughout the summer season.

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