Limerick city guide: Things to do in Ireland’s Treaty City

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Sign up for Simon Calder’s travel email and gain access to expert travel advice and money-saving discounts. Limerick, a city known more for its rhyming scheme than its attractions, is actually a vibrant destination filled with culinary, sporting, and historical delights. There is nowhere else where you can experience the diverse architecture of Edwardian, medieval, contemporary, and Georgian areas all within a short walk. A weekend in Limerick will reveal its cultural vibrancy, as it is a city that is rapidly modernizing while still embracing traditional Irish life.

Limerick’s history is evident at every turn. From the Edwardian houses on Ennis Road to the medieval city walls on King’s Island, the city’s past is on full display. The Georgian quarter is especially noteworthy, as Limerick is one of the few cities in the world with substantial Georgian architecture. The Hunt Museum and St Mary’s Cathedral are must-see attractions that showcase Limerick’s rich history. Additionally, King John’s Castle, a Viking settlement turned medieval fortress, is a symbol of the city’s heritage.

Limerick is also home to many famous figures, and there are statues and murals throughout the city paying tribute to them. You can find statues of presenter Terry Wogan, actor Richard Harris, and a mural of Dolores O’Riordan, the late singer of The Cranberries. To fully enjoy the city, take part in a guided kayaking tour along the River Shannon or go for a stroll along the Three Bridges Walk, which passes by the main sights of the city.

Sports enthusiasts will also find plenty to enjoy in Limerick. The city has a strong sporting heritage, with passionate GAA, football, and rugby matches held at venues like Thomond Park. The International Rugby Experience is a state-of-the-art exhibition that allows visitors to learn about and even try their hand at rugby techniques.

When it comes to accommodation, Limerick offers a range of options. The Bedford Townhouse is a contemporary hotel located in the city center, while The George is a mid-range hotel offering great value for money. For those looking for a luxurious stay, No 1 Pery Square Hotel & Spa is a boutique hotel with top-notch amenities.

Limerick also has a thriving food and drink scene. The Milk Market and Wickham Way are two bustling hubs of culinary delights, where you can find everything from foraged herbs to artisan salami. Sodalicious is a great spot for lunch, serving up delicious soda-bread-based dishes, while Dasco Deli offers a fusion of Irish and Filipino cuisine. For dinner, Cornstore and Freddy’s are popular choices, offering a range of modern European dishes.

Coffee lovers will appreciate the thriving coffee culture in Limerick, with cafes like Oahu, Carlton Coffee, and Habit serving up top-notch brews. The city also has a great selection of pubs and bars, from traditional spots like The Commercial to more modern establishments like Crew Brewing Company. For a taste of Irish music, visit The Locke Bar or Dolan’s, where you can enjoy traditional music sessions or catch a contemporary gig.

Limerick’s O’Connell Street is the main shopping district, home to luxury department store Brown Thomas. For traditional Irish products, Irish Handcrafts is a must-visit, while Made showcases the work of local artists and designers. Wickham Way is a bustling market where you can find unique and affordable products. Cahill’s, a tobacco and snuff shop turned loose-leaf tea specialist, is another one-of-a-kind store worth checking out.

In conclusion, a weekend in Limerick is a chance to explore a city that is steeped in history, culture, and vibrancy. From its diverse architecture to its vibrant food and drink scene, Limerick offers something for everyone. Sign up for Simon Calder’s travel email to get expert advice and discounts for your next trip to Limerick and beyond.

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