Woman with severe allergy ‘left with no choice’ but to buy every packet of peanuts on flight

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A woman with a severe nut allergy took drastic measures during a Eurowings flight after claiming that cabin crew ignored her request not to serve peanuts. Leah Williams, 27, bought all 48 packets of nuts on board, spending £144, nearly three times the price of her £50 airfare from London to Dusseldorf.

According to Ms. Williams, she had asked the flight attendants to notify other passengers about her allergy and request that they refrain from purchasing or consuming any nuts on board. However, the crew allegedly refused to comply with her request. In response, she decided to purchase every packet of nuts available on the flight.

Ms. Williams recounted her exchange with the cabin crew, stating that they looked at her as though she were crazy and expressed concerns about counting all the packets. Undeterred, she insisted that they count the nuts and stated that she would pay for all of them, as she felt she had no other option.

Eurowings, in response to the situation, stated that they regret any inconvenience caused to Ms. Williams and apologized for the flight not going as smoothly as planned. The airline’s spokesperson clarified that Ms. Williams was not forced to buy all the packets of peanuts and that they had offered her an alternative solution by informing nearby passengers about her allergy. They mentioned that she initially agreed to this solution but later changed her mind and decided to purchase all the packets.

The airline further explained that they cannot guarantee the absence of food items that may trigger an allergic reaction, such as peanuts, as passengers are allowed to bring their own food onboard. Due to the specific construction and maintenance of the aircraft, it is not possible to prevent traces of peanuts or nuts from accumulatng despite regular cleaning efforts.

Eurowings advises passengers with allergies to bring necessary medication, such as allergy medication and EpiPens, in their hand luggage and inform the cabin crew in advance. The airline assures that their medically trained cabin crew is equipped with emergency medication to provide necessary care in case of an allergic reaction or intolerance onboard.

Allergies policies vary among different airlines. While most British airlines will make an announcement about nut allergies onboard and request passengers to avoid consuming nuts, some Middle Eastern carriers refuse to do so. Turkish Airlines, for instance, has faced criticism in the past for removing passengers with nut allergies from their flights. Similarly, Emirates states that they cannot guarantee nut-free meals and warns passengers with nut allergies to consult their doctor before flying.

In conclusion, the incident involving a woman buying all packets of peanuts on a Eurowings flight highlights the challenges faced by individuals with severe nut allergies. It underscores the varying approaches of airlines to address allergies and the importance of communication and understanding between passengers and cabin crew.

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