Carlee Russell update: Russell charged with filing fake police report in connection to kidnap hoax

Carlee Russell, an Alabama woman, has been charged with two misdemeanours after it was revealed that she faked her disappearance and kidnapping. She was arrested on charges of false reporting to law enforcement authorities and falsely reporting an incident. Russell had claimed that she went missing on July 13 after calling 911 to report helping a toddler walking alone on the interstate. She returned home two days later and alleged that she had been kidnapped and barely managed to escape. However, police were unable to verify her claims and found evidence in her internet history that raised suspicion. Russell was released from jail after posting bond.

The arrest warrant for Carlee Russell was issued on July 28, according to Hoover Police Chief Nicholas Derzis. In a news conference, Chief Derzis stated that Russell was arrested for faking her kidnapping and making false statements to detectives. He also mentioned that her actions created panic and alarm among citizens. Multiple law enforcement agencies had worked tirelessly to find Russell and the nonexistent kidnapper.

It was revealed earlier this week that Russell had confessed to fabricating the entire story. Her attorney issued a statement saying that there was no kidnapping and that Russell did not see a baby on the side of the road. He also mentioned that she did not leave the Hoover area when she was reported missing. The attorney apologized for Russell’s actions and asked for prayers as she addresses her issues and tries to move forward.

In light of the false claims made by Russell, the Crime Stoppers of Metro Alabama will be refunding the $63,378 that was donated during the search for her. The organization made this decision based on the statements made during the news conference, where it was revealed that Russell had faked her disappearance. More than $60,000 was donated within the 49 hours that Russell was supposedly missing.

Overall, Carlee Russell has been charged with misdemeanours after faking her disappearance and kidnapping. The evidence did not support her claims, and it was revealed that she had fabricated the entire story. The Crime Stoppers organization will be refunding the donations made during the search for her. Russell’s attorney has issued a statement apologizing for her actions and asking for prayers as she addresses her issues.

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