Chris Christie slams Trumps as ‘Corleones with no experience’

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Chris Christie, the former governor of New Jersey and a former ally of Donald Trump, has launched another attack on the former president and his team following the filing of additional charges against him regarding his handling of classified documents. Christie referred to the Trump team as “the Corleones with no experience,” a reference to the crime family in the Godfather movies. Speaking on CNN, Christie condemned Trump’s actions, stating, “This is bad stuff. And you can’t say there was no underlying potential crime here,” and accused Trump of withholding confidential classified information and lying about having it.

According to the updated indictment, two of Trump’s employees, Walt Nauta, an aide, and Carlos De Oliveira, a maintenance worker, attempted to delete surveillance footage at Mar-A-Lago, Trump’s private club and residence in Florida, after the Department of Justice had issued a subpoena for the footage. The indictment alleges that De Oliveira told the IT director that “the boss” wanted the server deleted. These new charges of willful retention of national defense information and obstruction were added to the existing 37 counts that Trump already faced in the case.

Trump, however, denied instructing his staff to delete the footage and claimed that his team had voluntarily provided it to the authorities. Christie criticized Trump’s behavior, stating, “This is not what a former president should be doing, and it’s certainly not something that someone who wants to be president should be doing.” He further expressed his support for the government’s case, describing it as “very, very compelling.”

Christie is one of the most vocal critics of Trump among the 2024 Republican presidential candidates. While many other candidates have been reluctant to criticize Trump, Christie has been outspoken in his condemnation. Vivek Ramaswamy, another GOP candidate for 2024 and a tech entrepreneur, stated on CNN that the additional charges against Trump would not affect his promise to pardon him if elected. He argued that the prosecution was politicized, and he believed it was in the best interest of the country to pardon the former president.

Nikki Haley, the former UN ambassador and governor of South Carolina, who is also running for president in 2024, expressed concern about the allegations against Trump, stating, “It’s incredibly dangerous to our national security.” However, she questioned the credibility of the Department of Justice, saying, “It’s coming down from a Department of Justice that, frankly, the American people don’t trust.” When asked about pardoning Trump, Haley said she would do what is in the best interest of the country.

In conclusion, Chris Christie has criticized Donald Trump and his team for their handling of classified documents, accusing them of withholding and lying about confidential information. The indictment against Trump has been updated with additional charges, and several Republican presidential candidates have weighed in on the issue, with Ramaswamy promising to pardon Trump if elected and Haley expressing concern about national security.

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