Co-founder of company involved in Titanic sub disaster sets his sights on Venus

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The co-founder of the company responsible for the failed submersible trip to the wreck of the Titanic is now leading efforts to send humans to Venus. Guillermo Söhnlein, also the founder and chairman of Humans2Venus, expressed hope in an interview with Insider that his new company could establish a colony of 1,000 humans on the hottest planet in the solar system. This new venture comes less than two months after OceanGate co-founder Stockton Rush and four passengers died when the company’s Titan submersible imploded at depths exceeding 12,000ft. Söhnlein co-founded OceanGate with Rush in 2009 and handed control over to Rush in 2013.

Söhnlein argued that recent findings by NASA suggest that humans may be able to inhabit a small portion of the Venusian atmosphere located 30 miles from the surface. However, Venus has a deeply toxic atmosphere filled with carbon dioxide, and is permanently shrouded in thick, yellowish clouds of sulfuric acid which cause a greenhouse effect. Experts believe it would be nearly impossible for humans to live on Venus. Despite these challenges, Söhnlein believes they can be overcome through innovation.

Söhnlein defended Rush against criticism that he ignored safety concerns with the Titan. He argued that individuals like Rush are critical for humanity to progress and move forward. OceanGate, the company based in Everett, Washington, announced earlier this month that it had suspended all operations.

The investigation into the Titan’s catastrophic implosion on June 18 is ongoing and involves multiple maritime authorities, including the US Coast Guard, the Transportation Safety Board of Canada, and the French Marine Casualties Investigation Board. The Coast Guard has convened a Marine Board of Investigation and intends to hold a public hearing once the cause of the submersible’s malfunction is determined.

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