Father who discovered Rachel Morin’s body speaks out: ‘I had a feeling about those tunnels’

A Maryland man named Michael Gabriszeski discovered the body of 37-year-old Rachel Morin in tunnels off the Ma and Pa Trail. Gabriszeski joined the search for Morin after hearing about her disappearance from his daughter, who was friends with Morin. Morin, a mother of five, went missing after going for a jog on the trail. The following day, her body was found by Gabriszeski near the trail.

Gabriszeski had a feeling about the tunnels and urged the police to search them. He walked forward to search one tunnel himself, and that’s where they found Morin’s body. Gabriszeski reported the discovery to the police, and investigations are ongoing. The Harford County Medical Examiner’s Office has not disclosed the cause of Morin’s death, but foul play is suspected.

Morin left her home for a jog on Saturday evening and didn’t return after five hours. Her boyfriend reported her missing to the police. A thorough search was conducted, with authorities checking the trail and its surroundings. The Sheriff’s Office believes that someone might be responsible for Morin’s death.

Gabriszeski hopes that finding Morin’s body will provide closure for her family. He wants justice for Morin and hopes the responsible person is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Bel Air, where the incident occurred, is a community with a relatively low crime rate, and Morin’s death has shocked the county. Authorities are currently investigating and have urged anyone with information to come forward.

In conclusion, the tragic discovery of Rachel Morin’s body in the tunnels near the Ma and Pa Trail has raised suspicions of foul play. Michael Gabriszeski played a crucial role in leading investigators to Morin’s body and hopes that justice will be served for her and her family. The community of Bel Air is deeply affected by this incident, as it is known for its low crime rate. The investigation continues, and authorities have appealed for assistance from the public.

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