Hunter Biden’s attorney doesn’t expect new charges from special counsel probe

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Attorney Abbe Lowell is confident that the conclusion reached by the US Department of Justice earlier this year will be the same conclusion reached by newly appointed special counsel David Weiss in the investigations into Hunter Biden. Lowell stated this during an interview on CBS Face the Nation on August 13, following the designation of Weiss as special counsel by US Attorney General Merrick Garland. Lowell believes that there is no new evidence to be found following the misdemeanor tax and gun charges that Hunter Biden recently pleaded not guilty to.

The remarks made by Lowell come at a time when there has been increased scrutiny from Republicans towards President Joe Biden and his son. As a parallel congressional probe appears to be falling apart, allies of former President Donald Trump are attempting to deflect allegations of corruption and criminality under the current administration. Less than a year ago, Senate Republicans urged Garland to appoint a special counsel, but then criticized him when he did.

Hunter Biden was set to enter into a plea agreement in July for misdemeanor tax charges and a felony gun charge. However, the agreement hit a snag during a federal court hearing, and ultimately, the judge rejected the arrangement. Lowell speculated on Face the Nation that the prosecutors involved in the case may have misstated something or changed their view during the proceedings. He also emphasized that Weiss, who has been leading federal investigations into Hunter Biden since 2019, remains the same person he has been for the last five years.

Lowell also criticized right-wing media for their coverage of the case, accusing them of devoting significant airtime to allegations and spurious congressional probes in an attempt to connect President Biden to his son’s alleged crimes. Some House Republicans have even threatened to file articles of impeachment against the president based on these claims. Lowell stated that the facts and evidence pursued by members of Congress, their staff, and the media have consistently shown that no connection exists between President Biden and any alleged crimes committed by his son.

In response to the situation, Democratic US Rep Dan Goldman stated that if prosecutors find that Hunter Biden has committed crimes, he should face criminal charges. He emphasized the difference between Democrats calling for accountability for alleged crimes, even within their own party, and Republicans who have not made similar calls in regards to Trump.

Overall, Lowell remains confident in the conclusion reached by the US Department of Justice earlier this year and believes that any change in that conclusion would raise questions about the integrity of the process. With the appointment of special counsel David Weiss, the investigations into Hunter Biden will continue, and it remains to be seen what conclusions will be reached.

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