Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz prize money: How much did fighters earn for boxing match?

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Jake Paul emerged victorious once again on Saturday night as he defeated former MMA fighter Nate Diaz in Dallas. Although Paul was unable to knock out Diaz, he secured a decision victory, improving his record to 7-1, with four knockouts. Reports suggest that Paul earned approximately $2 million from the fight, while Diaz is believed to have received a guaranteed $500,000. These figures align with Paul’s recent fights, where he took home $2 million after facing Tyron Woodley and $1.5 million following his bout with Anderson Silva. Additionally, Paul received a share of the pay-per-view earnings, potentially increasing his earnings to as much as $10 million.

Despite still being a substantial payout, this is considerably less than the $30 million he claimed to have earned from his first loss earlier this year against British boxer Tommy Fury, which included his fight purse and PPV earnings. In that fight, Paul earned 65 percent of the PPV earnings, while his most recent bout with Diaz had a 50-50 split.

After his defeat to Fury, Paul announced the existence of a rematch clause in his fight contract and has been adamant that the two will face each other again in the ring. Additionally, reports indicate that Paul made a $10 million offer to fight Diaz in an MMA match following their recent bout. Initially, Diaz appeared dismissive of the idea but seemed more open to it after the fight.

However, the potential rematch between Paul and Fury, as well as Diaz’s anticipated bout with Conor McGregor, may take precedence over the proposed Paul-Diaz MMA fight.

Overall, Jake Paul’s win over Nate Diaz adds another victory to his record and solidifies his status in the world of combat sports. While he may not have achieved a knockout, Paul’s decision victory further establishes his reputation as a formidable opponent. With his impressive record and substantial earnings from his fights, Jake Paul continues to captivate both fans and critics alike with his unique presence in the world of professional combat sports.

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