Judge shuts down Trump lawyer as he claims protective order would give Biden an ‘advantage’

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In the ongoing case of election interference against former President Donald Trump, a federal judge in Washington, DC rejected the argument made by lead defense lawyer John Lauro that a protective order barring Trump from discussing evidence in the case would benefit President Joe Biden. Judge Tanya Chutkan stated during the protective order hearing that Trump’s campaigning must be secondary to the proper administration of justice. Lauro argued that Trump has the right to respond to his political opponents, but the judge insisted that this desire to respond should not take precedence.

Lauro expressed concern that the judge may be setting a “contempt trap” for the ex-president, but the judge clarified that no one was discussing potential contempt charges. Lauro contended that imposing a protective order on Trump’s speech would give a significant advantage to President Biden. It was observed that the judge visibly reacted to Lauro’s claims of political motivation behind the case, but allowed him to continue. Lauro acknowledged the risk of saying something during a heated campaign that could be used against him, but assured the judge that he would comply with her directions.

Assistant Special Counsel Thomas Windom argued that Lauro’s comments were clearly political in nature, and that Trump has been open about his intentions. Judge Chutkan stated that she would not allow the 2024 campaign to influence her ruling, but recognized that Trump, as a political candidate, has a need to speak openly. The judge clarified that her protective order would only apply to sensitive information in the case.

Windom expressed concern that Trump could use non-sensitive discovery material for witness intimidation and to taint the jury pool. However, Judge Chutkan was not convinced that there was sufficient cause to prevent Trump from discussing non-sensitive discovery material. The protective order would only cover grand jury testimony deemed sensitive by the prosecution. The judge warned Trump to be cautious with his statements, as she would be scrutinizing them closely for potential witness intimidation.

Judge Chutkan agreed with the prosecution to include all recordings, transcripts, and reports of witness testimony as sensitive materials. It was noted that Trump had a history of mishandling classified documents, but the judge ruled that he could review the sensitive materials without a lawyer present, but could not take notes or make copies. She emphasized the need for an orderly administration of justice and warned of a “carnival atmosphere” surrounding the trial.

In conclusion, Judge Chutkan dismissed the argument that a protective order on Trump’s speech would benefit President Biden, emphasizing that proper administration of justice must take precedence. She warned Trump to be cautious with his statements to ensure an impartial jury. The judge will take necessary measures to maintain order and fairness throughout the trial.

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