Las Vegas funeral home sued for ‘accidentally’ cremating woman

A tragic incident involving a murder-suicide has led to a lawsuit against a Las Vegas funeral home. The family of Loren Chavez, who was killed in the incident, discovered that she was inadvertently cremated before her open-casket funeral. They are now seeking justice for what they consider a “systematic failure” on the part of the funeral home.

Loren Chavez, aged 41, was fatally shot on September 17, 2022, along with her husband, Raymundo Chavez, aged 43. Her grieving family had planned an open-casket funeral at Davis Funeral Home and Memorial Park to see her one last time. However, when they arrived to drop off clothes for her body, the staff members could not find her in their system. It was then revealed that she had been mistakenly cremated.

Mike Wilfong, the general manager of the funeral home, confirmed the accidental cremation and stated that they were doing everything possible to resolve the issue. Despite the funeral home’s acknowledgement of the mistake, Ms. Chavez’s parents emphasized the importance of seeing their daughter one last time and giving her a proper burial according to their religious beliefs.

As a result, the family has filed a lawsuit against Davis Funeral Home and Memorial Park, as well as Legacy Funeral Holdings of Nevada LLC., accusing them of negligence. They are seeking $15,000 in damages, along with attorney fees. The family’s lawyer, Christian Morris, emphasized that an accidental cremation should never have occurred and described it as a “systematic failure” within the funeral home’s procedures.

The lawsuit highlights the devastating impact of this blunder on Ms. Chavez’s family, who described her as a beloved daughter, sister, and mother in her obituary. The lawsuit serves as a way for the family to seek justice and hold the funeral home accountable for their mistake.

In conclusion, the inadvertent cremation of Loren Chavez before her open-casket funeral has resulted in a lawsuit against the Las Vegas funeral home. The family is seeking justice for what they perceive as a “systematic failure” and a violation of their religious beliefs. The lawsuit aims to bring attention to the importance of proper procedures within funeral homes to prevent such tragedies from occurring in the future.

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