Lindsay Shiver: Wife’s chilling text to ‘kill’ husband in Bahamas revealed

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A Georgia mother-of-three allegedly planned to have her husband killed in the Bahamas, according to newly-released court documents. Lindsay Shiver, 36, reportedly sent a chilling text message to her lover, Terrance Bethel, and the man she allegedly hired as a hitman, Faron Newbold, instructing them to “kill him”. The message, along with photos of her husband Robert Shiver, was discovered by officials investigating Mr. Bethel as a suspect in an unrelated break-in. Local police alerted Mr. Shiver to the plot, and the three suspects were subsequently arrested in the Bahamas. Lindsay Shiver’s husband had filed for divorce earlier in the year after allegedly discovering her affair. He also accused her of taking their children and refusing to return them. Ms. Shiver’s lawyers denied the affair, claiming that any extramarital relationships occurred during the couple’s separation and were legally condoned by her husband. The lawyers also stated that Ms. Shiver felt unsafe in the marital home and had installed locks on the interior doors for protection. They alleged that Mr. Shiver had abused her physically, mentally, and emotionally in the presence of their children. Ms. Shiver accused her husband of cutting her off financially and hiding money from her. The three suspects were held in custody in the Bahamas until they were granted emergency bail on August 1st. They are scheduled to appear in court on October 5th.

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