Lindsey Shiver’s ‘lover’ denies claims they hired hitman to kill her college football star husband

The man identified as Lindsay Shiver’s lover, who is charged with plotting to kill her husband, has denied the claims that they hired a hitman. Terrance Bethel, 28, stated that the WhatsApp messages exchanged between him, Ms. Shiver, and Faron Newbold were misunderstood and blown out of proportion by the police. The Daily Mail had previously reported that Ms. Shiver confessed to sending photos of her husband along with the message “kill him” to Mr. Newbold during a police interview.

Mr. Bethel argued that the messages were sent out of frustration and insisted that the charges would be dropped. When approached by a Daily Mail reporter for further insights into the WhatsApp messages, Mr. Bethel claimed that the police had already examined all of his messages on both of his phones for three weeks and found nothing incriminating. He stated, “None of us have anything to hide. People are taking everything at face value and defaming us.”

From an outsider’s perspective, this entire case is shocking. Mr. Shiver was a college football star, while Ms. Shiver was a beauty pageant queen. The woman who once boasted about her “perfect marriage” on Instagram and frequently shared pictures of tropical family vacations is now accused of plotting her husband’s murder after 13 years of marriage.

The couple had already filed for divorce and are involved in a contentious legal battle. Both parties are seeking custody of their three children and exclusive use of their $2.5 million mansion in Georgia. Although she, Mr. Bethel, and Mr. Newbold were initially held in custody, Mr. Shiver surprisingly helped them post bail. The three accused individuals were granted emergency bail on August 1st, and Ms. Shiver was seen leaving Nassau’s Fox Hill Prison on Tuesday morning.

As part of her bail conditions, the mother-of-three must wear an ankle monitor and remain in the Bahamas until her next court date on October 5th. Additionally, the next divorce hearing is scheduled for October 31st. Mr. Shiver filed for divorce citing “adulterous conduct,” while Lindsay Shiver’s attorneys denied the affair, claiming that any extramarital relationship she had occurred during their separation and was legally condoned by her husband.

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