Matt Gaetz calls DeSantis ‘thirsty’ for inviting Kamala Harris to discuss controversial slavery curriculum

Florida Representative Matt Gaetz criticized Governor Ron DeSantis for inviting Vice President Kamala Harris to visit the state and discuss the slavery curriculum. Gaetz mocked DeSantis, calling him “desperate” for a visit from Harris. Gaetz, a strong supporter of former President Donald Trump, has been competing with DeSantis for the 2024 GOP nomination and has been trailing behind in the polls. In addition, Gaetz recently introduced a bill to defund the investigation into Jack Smith.

DeSantis, in his letter to Harris, invited her to Florida to address the state’s African American History standards. He accused the Biden administration of disparaging Florida and spreading misinformation about the state’s education system. DeSantis emphasized the need to set the record straight. He also made a veiled reference to Harris’s recent visit to Jacksonville, where she condemned the state’s approval of curriculum standards that downplayed slavery and a racist massacre.

During her visit to Jacksonville, Harris criticized the new set of African American history standards in Florida schools, which aimed to teach middle schoolers that enslaved people developed skills that could be applied for personal benefit. Harris strongly disagreed with this perspective, emphasizing the true nature of slavery, which involved rape, torture, and the separation of families. She denounced the dehumanization of enslaved individuals and criticized the suggestion that there were any benefits to their subjugation. Harris labeled these revised standards as misleading propaganda.

In conclusion, Gaetz’s criticism of DeSantis for inviting Harris to discuss the slavery curriculum highlights the ongoing ideological debates surrounding the teaching of history in America. DeSantis’s invitation and Harris’s response shed light on the different perspectives regarding the portrayal of slavery in educational curricula. By addressing this issue, both politicians are engaging in a larger national conversation about how history should be taught and remembered.

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