Matt Gaetz suggests he wants to be America’s next attorney general: ‘A boy can dream’

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Far-right US Congressman Matt Gaetz has expressed his ambitions of becoming the next Attorney General of the United States. During an interview with Newsmax, Gaetz suggested that he could potentially be appointed as Attorney General if former President Donald Trump were to return to the White House.

Gaetz defended the Republican-led investigation into Hunter Biden, dismissing criticism of its effectiveness. He proposed that a future Attorney General, potentially himself, could pursue criminal charges under a different administration. Gaetz stated, “We could send criminal referrals to the Department of Justice, we go take the White House back, and you never know, David, it may be an Attorney General Matt Gaetz down the road or someone of my liking who will be there to actually enforce the law and provide accountability.”

The possibility of Gaetz becoming Attorney General received positive feedback from the Newsmax host, David Harris Jr., who exclaimed, “Attorney General Matt Gaetz. You kidding me?” Gaetz responded with humor, acknowledging the challenges he would face, stating, “The world is not ready, probably. Certainly Senate confirmation wouldn’t be, but you know, a boy can dream.”

On 11th August, following ongoing controversies surrounding President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, current Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed a special counsel to lead the investigations. David Weiss, the US Attorney for Delaware since 2018, was assigned to investigate Hunter Biden in 2019, prior to President Biden taking office. Although Weiss had not previously requested special counsel designation, he made the request earlier this week.

Hunter Biden has faced federal charges related to unpaid taxes and a firearm application. While Hunter Biden appeared ready to enter a plea deal, congressional Republicans, as well as Donald Trump and his allies, have demanded further scrutiny into the President’s son. They baselessly compare Trump’s multiple indictments and the evidence against him to the charges and investigations surrounding Hunter Biden.

In July, Hunter Biden pleaded not guilty to two of the charges. The presiding judge questioned whether the plea deal would prevent the federal government from prosecuting Hunter Biden for other potential crimes in the future. Once Weiss’s investigation concludes, he will be required to write a report detailing his findings.

These recent developments highlight the ongoing political battles and animosities surrounding the Biden administration and their opponents. While Gaetz aspires to hold the position of Attorney General in the future, the path to realizing this goal remains uncertain. Ultimately, the appointment of a special counsel underscores the seriousness with which the administration intends to address the investigations involving Hunter Biden.

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