North Korea offers ‘very brief response’ to UN Command about Travis King

North Korean officials have responded to a request from the United Nations Command for information about Travis King, an American soldier who crossed the border into North Korea last month. Mr. King, who was part of a tour group visiting the border between North and South Korea, surrendered himself to North Korean forces on July 18th. Prior to his escape, he had been detained in South Korea for over 40 days on charges related to assault and destruction of private property. Although North Korean officials have acknowledged the UN Command’s request for information, they have not provided specific details regarding Mr. King, according to the South China Morning Post.

Brigadier General Patrick Ryder, while speaking in a press briefing, confirmed that North Korea had responded to the United Nations Command but did not offer any substantial progress in the matter. He described the North Korean response as an acknowledgment of the inquiry, stating that they had received the request for information. Court documents reveal that Mr. King pleaded guilty to assault and damaging a police car while shouting profanities at Koreans.

Following his escape, Mr. King was sentenced to serve in a labor camp at the Cheonan correctional facility, which is specifically designed for housing US military members and other foreigners convicted of crimes in South Korea. Upon his return to his home base at Fort Bliss in Texas, disciplinary action was to be taken against him, as confirmed by unnamed US military officials speaking to the SCMP. The Pentagon also confirmed that an investigation into Mr. King’s disappearance was being conducted by US forces in Korea and Army counter-intelligence.

The case of Travis King highlights the potential challenges and complexities involved in cross-border incidents. As the UN Command seeks further information from North Korea, the fate and future of Mr. King remains uncertain. The international community will be closely following any developments in this ongoing situation.

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