Ohio doctor who claimed Covid vaccines make people magnetic has licence suspended

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An Ohio doctor has had her medical license suspended by the state’s medical board after promoting Covid vaccine misinformation and 5G conspiracy theories. Dr. Tenpenny gained attention when she testified before the Ohio state legislature in June 2021 in support of a bill that aimed to ban vaccine mandates in Ohio businesses and schools. During her testimony, Dr. Tenpenny claimed that vaccinated individuals became “magnetized” and could stick objects to their bodies. Now, she has been fined $3,000 and has the option to appeal the decision within 15 days.

The State Medical Board of Ohio stated that it proposed disciplinary action against Dr. Tenpenny’s license due to her failure to respond to the board’s attempts to contact her, failure to provide requested information, and failure to appear at scheduled events related to their investigation. The board received approximately 350 complaints regarding Dr. Tenpenny, which prompted the investigation.

In September 2021, the board sent Dr. Tenpenny a set of interrogatories, requesting information about her recommendations on vaccines and specifically questioning her claims about COVID-19 vaccines causing magnetism and interfacing with 5G towers. The board also asked for scientific evidence and sources to support her claims, such as the alleged injection of genetic material instead of a real virus with the COVID-19 vaccine and claims of complications such as abnormal bleeding, myocarditis, strokes, and neurological issues.

Dr. Tenpenny refused to cooperate and answer the board’s questions, considering them invasive. Her attorney claimed that declining to cooperate was not an admission of guilt. Despite additional attempts by the board to gather information, Dr. Tenpenny continued to refuse participation, including ignoring a subpoena and failing to attend an investigative office conference.

The medical board’s decision to suspend Dr. Tenpenny’s license comes as a response to her spreading misinformation and failing to comply with the investigation. By promoting conspiracy theories and misinformation about vaccines, she has disregarded her professional responsibilities as a doctor. The suspension serves as a reminder of the potential consequences faced by medical professionals who spread false information and undermine public health efforts.

It is crucial for medical professionals to adhere to evidence-based medicine and to provide accurate information to the public. Misinformation can harm public health interventions, erode trust in healthcare systems, and contribute to vaccine hesitancy. The actions taken by the State Medical Board of Ohio demonstrate their commitment to upholding professional standards and protecting public health by addressing misinformation within the medical community.

To combat vaccine misinformation effectively, there is a need for continued efforts to educate the public about vaccines and to promote accurate information from trusted sources. By ensuring that healthcare professionals adhere to ethical standards and uphold the principles of evidence-based medicine, the medical community can maintain public trust and contribute to successful vaccination campaigns.

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