‘Republican stooge’: RFK Jr mocked after it’s revealed half his Super PAC funding comes from GOP mega donor

Robert F Kennedy Jr is facing criticism and ridicule after it was revealed that over half of his Super PAC funding came from a single Republican mega-donor. Kennedy, the son of the late Robert F Kennedy, is running against President Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination, although observers believe he has little chance of posing a serious challenge to the incumbent.

Kennedy’s Super PAC, American Values 2024, was established in the same month that he launched his campaign. It reported $9.8 million in funding by the end of June, and it just announced that it raised an additional $6 million last month for a total of about $16 million. The initial financial report shows that the PAC received donations from both Republicans and Democrats, but the majority of the funding came from GOP donors.

Of the $9.8 million donated through June, $5 million was provided by longtime Republican donor Timothy Mellon, a former supporter of ex-President Donald Trump. Mellon praised Kennedy as “the one Democrat who can win in the general election.” Another major donor, Gavin De Becker, contributed $4.5 million. De Becker, who served as an advisor to Jeff Bezos and has previously donated to both major parties, is an author and consultant.

While the PAC did receive some donations from Democrats, such as Abby Rockefeller, who donated $100,000, these contributions made up a small share of the total. The PAC also received a $50,000 donation from Cancer Monthly Inc, a group that promotes “alternative” cancer treatments.

Despite the significant funding, the PAC has mostly retained its cash at this time, with only a portion of the funds being spent on newspaper ads in early primary states. It is worth noting that many of the major donors who supported Kennedy’s campaign have previously donated to Trump or Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Kennedy’s political leanings and the support he has received from Republican donors quickly drew criticism and mockery. Some have accused him of being a Republican stooge, while others have questioned if his funding includes any contributions from the Kremlin. Duke University Professor Gavin Yamey sarcastically remarked on Kennedy’s appeal to Republican donors, highlighting his anti-immigration, pro-Russia, anti-vaccine, and homophobic talking points.

Amidst the criticism, Al From, the founder and former CEO of the Democratic Leadership Council, suggested that Kennedy is a Republican plant meant to undermine Biden. Overall, Kennedy’s reliance on Republican funding has raised questions and doubts about his alignment with the Democratic Party.

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