Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell: Trump’s six alleged co-conspirators in 2020 election probe case

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Donald Trump has been indicted for the third time, this time for conspiring to overturn the 2020 presidential election in an attempt to undermine the will of the American people. A federal grand jury, which has been investigating the matter under special counsel Jack Smith, returned the indictment on Tuesday. The charges against the former president include conspiracy to defraud the United States, conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding, obstruction of and attempt to obstruct an official proceeding, and conspiracy against rights.

While Donald Trump is the sole individual charged in the indictment, there are references to six co-conspirators who worked with him to overturn the election. These co-conspirators, which include four attorneys, one Justice Department official, and one political consultant, have not been named in the charging documents as they have not yet been formally accused of any crimes. However, based on the information provided in the indictment and what is already known about the events leading up to the Capitol riot, the identities of five of the co-conspirators can be easily inferred.

The first co-conspirator, referred to as co-conspirator 1 in the indictment, is believed to be former New York City Mayor and Trump’s former attorney Rudy Giuliani. The indictment describes co-conspirator 1 as an attorney who spread knowingly false claims and pursued strategies that Trump’s campaign attorneys would not. Several quotes attributed to co-conspirator 1 align with statements made by Giuliani on January 6, 2021, including a voicemail left for a US senator.

Co-conspirator 2, described as an attorney who devised a strategy to obstruct the certification of the election, is likely Trump’s former lawyer John Eastman. References to a two-page memorandum and specific quotes match Eastman’s actions and words prior to the Capitol riot.

Co-conspirator 3, an attorney who made unfounded claims of election fraud, is believed to be Sidney Powell, a former Trump lawyer. The indictment cites a lawsuit filed against Georgia Governor Brian Kemp alleging massive election fraud, which corresponds to a federal lawsuit Powell filed with similar allegations.

Co-conspirator 4 is identified as a former Justice Department official involved in using the department to open sham election crime investigations and influence state legislatures with false claims of fraud. This description aligns with Jeffrey Clark, a former top Justice Department official under Trump.

Co-conspirator 5, who assisted in a plan to submit fraudulent electors, is likely attorney Kenneth Chesebro. His actions and email exchanges with Giuliani match the details provided in the indictment.

The final co-conspirator, labeled co-conspirator 6, remains unidentified but is described as a political consultant who aided in the plan to submit fake electors. They are said to have provided Giuliani with a list of attorneys in several states who could assist in the scheme.

The indictment sheds light on the alleged involvement of these individuals in attempting to overturn the 2020 election results. As the legal proceedings progress, the identities of the co-conspirators will likely become public, revealing more about their roles in the conspiracy.

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