Russia should expect more drone attacks on its soil after latest Moscow strike, Ukraine warns

Russia has been warned that it will face more drone attacks after a Moscow high-rise, housing several government ministries, was hit for the second time in three days. While Ukraine does not directly claim responsibility for these attacks, Ukrainian officials express satisfaction and seek to undermine Russia as their forces continue their counteroffensive against the invasion. Mykhailo Podolyak, an adviser to President Volodymyr Zelensky, tweeted that Russia should expect more drone strikes as Ukraine plans to “collect all of their debts” over the invasion of Ukraine.

The building that was targeted by the drone attacks is known as the “IQ quarter,” which houses the Russian ministries of economic development, digital technology, and industry and trade. These repeated drone incidents have caused widespread unease and embarrassment for Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin. The attacks undermine the impression that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is proceeding according to plan.

While the drones have not caused casualties or significant damage, they have created a sense of insecurity among the Russian population. Moscow resident Alexander Gusev expressed his concerns, stating that it is hard to feel completely safe as any place could be targeted. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov acknowledged the threat but did not provide further comments.

The Russian defense ministry claimed to have foiled an “attempted terrorist attack” by downing two drones near Moscow city center. Another drone was reportedly thwarted by jamming equipment. The mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, confirmed that the damaged tower had been hit on Sunday as well, with the facade on the 21st floor sustaining damage. Vnukovo airport briefly shut down due to the attacks but later resumed operations.

Meanwhile, in southern Ukraine, Russian shelling of a hospital in the city of Kherson resulted in the death of a doctor and injuries to five medical workers. Ukrainian regional officials condemned the attack, emphasizing that Ukraine did not and would not target civilian objects.

Russia also claimed to have stopped attacks by sea drones on its navy ships and civilian vessels in the Black Sea. Ukrainian adviser Mykhailo Podolyak dismissed these claims as “fictitious,” stating that Ukraine has not attacked and will not attack civilian vessels or any other civilian objects.

Since Russia ended a deal for Ukraine to export grain through the Black Sea, it has repeatedly struck Ukrainian ports and grain infrastructure. Ukraine has previously used drones to target Russia’s navy base in Crimea and the bridge connecting it to the peninsula. The conflict between Russia and Ukraine began in 2014 when Russia illegally annexed Crimea, and Ukraine is determined to regain its territory.

Late on Tuesday, a drone was reported to have been shot down in the Sevastopol district of Crimea, which is under Moscow’s control.

In conclusion, the recent drone attacks on a Moscow high-rise have raised concerns, undermined Russia’s narrative, and sparked a warning of more strikes from Ukraine. The conflict between the two countries continues to escalate, with both sides employing technological warfare to gain an advantage.

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