Russia-Ukraine war – latest: Putin’s troops ‘forced to retreat’ as Kyiv ‘retakes key Donetsk village’

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Title: Ukrainian Forces Retake Key Village in Donetsk as Russian Troops Retreat

In a recent development, reports suggest that Ukrainian forces have successfully retaken the strategically significant village of Urozhaine in Donetsk, as Russian troops were forced to retreat. This village had been a key target for Ukraine as part of its counteroffensive against Russia’s occupation. Although these reports are yet to be independently verified, there are suggestions that Ukrainian soldiers used US smart bombs shipped in March. This signifies a significant advancement in Ukraine’s efforts to regain control of captured territories.

Furthermore, the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) has released a bulletin stating that there is a “realistic possibility” that the Russian state no longer funds the notorious Wagner Group, a private military company. After the failed mutiny led by Wagner owner Yevgeny Prigozhin against Russia’s top brass in June, the Russian state has taken action against other business interests of Prigozhin, indicating a potential rift. The MOD suggests that the Belarusian authorities might be the second most plausible paymasters for the Wagner Group but highlights that this would strain Belarus’ already limited resources. The bulletin also indicates that the Wagner Group is downsizing and reconfiguring to mitigate the impact of financial pressures.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian forces are making attempts to breach Russian lines in western parts of Donetsk. Fighters from Kyiv have been deployed to gain a foothold east of the town of Staromaiorske. The Russian-installed official, Vladimir Rogov, confirms intense fighting south of Velyka Novosilka, as Ukrainian troops strive to push down to the coast of the Sea of Azov. Although Ukrainian forces have managed to gain control of the northern part of Urozhaine after weeks of fierce battles, Russian soldiers still control the southern part, and Ukrainian forces are evidently aiming to take control of the town of Staromlynivka.

In other news, Russia’s emergency service reports a large fire at a warehouse in the Moscow region. The fire, which broke out in the town of Ramenskoye, has engulfed an area of 1,800 square meters. Videos posted online show thick black smoke and flames, visible from a considerable distance. The cause of the fire is reported to be a fertiliser storage, according to the Russian state news agency.

Furthermore, a Russian warship fired warning shots at a Palau-flagged dry cargo ship in the Black Sea, as it was heading towards Ukraine. The Russian defence ministry stated that the captain did not respond to a request to halt for inspection, leading to the use of warning fire from the patrol ship. After the Russian military completed their inspection, the vessel continued its journey to the port of Izmail, Ukraine.

Tragically, the ongoing conflict has resulted in civilian casualties. Russian forces have shelled the southern Ukrainian region of Kherson, resulting in the death of a couple, their 23-day-old child, and another man in the village of Shyroka Balka. Additionally, a 12-year-old boy who was critically wounded succumbed to his injuries in the hospital. In the neighboring village of Stanislav, two more people were killed, and one was wounded due to heavy artillery strikes. These tragic incidents highlight the urgent need to end the violence and protect innocent lives.

Moreover, Russia has reported that four Ukrainian drones were launched over its western regions. Russian air defenses successfully shot down three drones over the Belgorod region and another over the Kursk region. These incidents follow increased drone activity inside Russia since a drone was destroyed near the Kremlin in May. The recent attacks targeted civilian areas in Moscow, raising concerns over the escalating use of drones in the conflict.

In conclusion, the recent developments in Ukraine and Russia paint a complex picture of the ongoing conflict. Ukrainian forces’ success in retaking Urozhaine emphasizes their determination to regain control of captured territories. The potential shift in funding for the Wagner Group and the downsizing of the mercenary force suggest possible internal struggles within Russia. The escalating violence, with shelling and drone attacks, underscores the urgent need for a peaceful resolution to protect innocent lives caught in the crossfire.

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