Russia Ukraine war live: First lady Olena Zelenska issues sobering warning in rare interview

Russian missiles have hit an apartment block and the Ukrainian security service building in the city of Dnipro, as the conflict between Ukraine and Russia continues. Ukrainian first lady, Olena Zelenska, issued a warning in an interview with Independent TV, stating that Ukraine is in desperate need of faster support from its Western partners to combat Vladimir Putin’s troops. She emphasized that Ukrainians are paying for the war with their lives, and urged the rest of the world to accelerate assistance.

As the conflict enters its 18th month, Olena Zelenska, a comedy screenwriter and the childhood sweetheart of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, has dedicated herself to rebuilding Ukraine. She founded the Olena Zelenska Foundation in September 2022, which is involved in various activities, including hospital reconstruction and support for those suffering from mental health issues.

In a rare interview with Independent TV, Olena Zelenska discussed the challenges of rebuilding cities amidst ongoing fighting and the importance of establishing cutting-edge facilities to treat war-wounded individuals. She also emphasized the need to address the stigma surrounding trauma in the country.

Meanwhile, concerns have been raised about the impact of Russia suspending a wartime grain deal, which has the potential to cause global food price hikes. Egypt, a major recipient of Ukraine’s grain, is already worried about the consequences of the deal’s suspension. The crisis has stabilized food prices that soared last year after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Although Russian forces have not made significant progress along the front lines, they are deeply entrenched in heavily mined areas they control, making it challenging for Ukrainian troops to advance. Russian forces have meticulously prepared their defences and laid extensive minefields, complicating Ukraine’s efforts to retake occupied territories.

Anti-aircraft units in Kyiv were recently on high alert during an air raid alert that lasted three hours. Several explosions were reported, but no strikes or casualties were announced. The alert was lifted in most areas of the country.

An interview with a former Wagner mercenary sheds light on the group’s role in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Amidst the violence and uncertainty, the mercenary decided to leave the group and abandon the brutal combat in Donbas. He details the daily routine of “fight, eat, pray” on the war’s frontlines.

Ukrainian officials have announced that their troops have retaken areas near Bakhmut, an eastern city previously seized by Russian forces. Despite Russian attempts to halt Ukraine’s advance, they have been unsuccessful.

In a strategic move, Russia attacked Ukraine’s main inland port across the River Danube from Romania, leading to higher global food prices. The attacks destroyed buildings in the port of Izmail, which is an alternative route for Ukrainian exports.

The conflict between Ukraine and Russia is escalating, with both sides launching drone strikes on each other’s territories. Russia’s defence ministry claimed that a 50-storey building containing government agencies and a shopping precinct in Moscow were hit by Ukrainian drone strikes. Wagner mercenaries have also arrived in Belarus, causing tension and leading to increased military presence on Poland’s eastern border.

China has imposed restrictions on drone exports, citing concerns about the military use of drones in the context of the conflict in Ukraine. This move comes as China aims to prevent the misuse of drone technology.

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