Russia Ukraine war: Moscow ‘would be forced’ to go nuclear if Kyiv’s counter-offensive is successful

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Russian missiles have hit an apartment block and a building belonging to the Ukrainian security service in the city of Dnipro. Dmitry Medvedev, an aide to Russian President Vladimir Putin and former Russian president, warned that if Ukraine’s counteroffensive is successful, Russia would be forced to deploy nuclear weapons. He stated that if Ukraine were to take a part of Russian land, then there would be no other option but to use a nuclear weapon. Medvedev also mentioned that praying for the success of Russia’s warriors would prevent a global nuclear fire.
The British Ministry of Defence (MoD) has criticized Russia for its failure to insulate its population from the war in Ukraine. The MoD stated that the Russian authorities have been raising the chances for drafting men into the military while simultaneously attacking Moscow and suppressing its domestic population. The State Duma has recently increased the maximum age of liability for conscription from 27 to 30, allowing more men to be drafted into the military. This, coupled with the increased chance of being compelled to fight and the recent Wagner mutiny, signifies the Russian state’s failure to protect its population from the war. President Putin also signed a bill increasing the upper age limit for reservists, potentially providing a boost to the number of troops available to fight in Ukraine.
Ukraine is set to engage in talks with the United States on security guarantees pending its completion of the process to join NATO. Officials from multiple countries will meet in Saudi Arabia to discuss President Zelensky’s peace plan for Ukraine, which calls for the departure of all Russian troops. The plan will be discussed in three phases, leading up to a meeting of heads of state and government.
President Zelensky praised the progress made by Ukrainian forces on the battlefield. He stated that Sunday was a powerful day, particularly in the city of Bakhmut where Ukrainian forces were retaking lost ground from Russian forces. While Ukraine did not claim responsibility for the recent drone attacks, Zelensky mentioned that the war was gradually returning to Russia’s territory and its symbolic centers.
Ukraine has reported regaining ground from invading Russian forces along the eastern and southern fronts. President Zelensky announced the recapture of a village and thanked the soldiers fighting for Ukraine. These gains have been seen as significant, with even Russian President Putin acknowledging the advances made by the Ukrainians.
Heavy fighting continues in the northeast of Ukraine, with both Russian and Ukrainian soldiers involved. Russian forces are attempting to drive out Ukrainian forces from elevated positions in the northeast. While Ukraine has recaptured areas in the south, advances are limited due to entrenched Russian positions and mines. Russia’s military has confirmed action in the northeast and claims to have intercepted and downed three Ukrainian drones, as well as damaging a government office building.
Yevgeny Prigozhin, founder of the Wagner Group, an infamous Russian mercenary group, appears to be back in Russia after leading a 24-hour mutiny against Vladimir Putin. Under the terms of a truce, Prigozhin was expected to resettle in Belarus while his troops reported to camps in that country. However, he recently attended a meeting with Putin at the Kremlin, raising questions about the affair.
Pro-democracy Russians in Serbia held a protest over residency problems faced by anti-war activists and critics of Putin. The activists claim to have encountered difficulties with entry and residence permits in Serbia and advocate for peaceful living.

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