Russian Ukraine war latest: Two drones shot down near Moscow in new attack on capital

Drone footage has captured the moment a Russian ship came under attack. Russia has claimed that two Ukrainian combat drones were shot down near Moscow, one near a major airport to the south of the city and another to the west of the capital. The mayor of Moscow, Sergei Sobyanin, confirmed that one drone was downed near Domodedovo, where a major international airport is located, while another was shot down near the Minsk motorway. The Russian defence ministry has labeled the incident a “terrorist attack,” though it is unclear if there were any casualties. Kyiv has never claimed responsibility for attacks within Russian territory.

In other news, it has been confirmed that Ukraine’s forces fighting against the Russian invasion will receive dozens of second-hand Leopard 1 tanks. These tanks, numbering 50, were purchased from the Belgian government five years ago and have now been sold to an undisclosed European government at an undisclosed price. The tanks will be prepared for export to Ukraine by arms maker Rheinmetall and are expected to be ready for battle by winter.

In a separate development, Russia is suspected of being behind a cyber attack on the UK Electoral Commission, which left the data of 40 million UK voters exposed. The breach was first detected by the commission in October 2022, but it had occurred over a year earlier in August 2021. British intelligence services have reportedly found evidence linking the attack to Russia.

Poland has announced that parliamentary elections will be held on October 15. The election campaign is already being shaped by Russia’s war against Ukraine, as tensions rise over the presence of Russia-linked mercenaries in neighboring Belarus and conflicts with ally Ukraine.

Former NATO Chief Philip Breedlove has claimed that the promised assistance of F-16 fighter jets for Ukrainian pilots has been slowed down due to fears of provoking Russia. Breedlove stated that many countries are prepared to train Ukraine’s pilots on F-16s, but the main slowdown is occurring within the US. He also noted that Russia’s policy of intimidation is slowing down the process of sending F-16s to Ukraine.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has reaffirmed his commitment to liberating Crimea from Russian occupation. He stated that his administration is making the liberation of Crimea more achievable and emphasized the need for specific plans for the de-occupation of the peninsula.

Establishing the number of casualties Russia has suffered in Ukraine is challenging due to the severity of the fighting and the reluctance of both sides to disclose information that may damage morale. The war is entering a pivotal stage, and accurate data on casualties is crucial.

Zelensky has vowed retaliation against Russia in the Black Sea to prevent the blockading of Ukrainian waters, which could impact trade, particularly the import and export of grains. He has urged Russia to stop firing at Ukrainian ports, which is hindering trade in the region.

Finally, it has been revealed that 30 German-made Leopard 1 tanks are being prepared for delivery to Ukraine. These tanks were originally owned by Belgium and were sold to an undisclosed European government. Freddy Versluys, CEO of defense company OIP Land Systems, confirmed the sale and stated that the tanks were bought from the Belgian government over five years ago.

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