Top lawyer at Fox Corp. to step down after overseeing $787M settlement in Dominion defamation case

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Fox Corp. announced on Friday that Viet Dinh, the company’s chief legal officer, will be stepping down from his position. Dinh was responsible for overseeing the $787 million settlement between Fox and Dominion Voting Systems regarding defamation allegations. According to a statement by the New York-based company, Dinh’s departure will be effective as of December 31. However, he will continue to serve as a “special advisor” to Fox Corp.

The settlement came after Fox News, a subsidiary of Fox Corp., agreed to resolve the case brought by Dominion Voting Systems. This decision followed weeks of pretrial disclosures that revealed false claims made by the network regarding the 2020 U.S. presidential election. Despite the knowledge that these claims were untrue, Fox News still aired them.

The reason behind Dinh’s departure from Fox Corp. was not specified in the statement. When asked for comment, Brian Nick, a spokesman for Fox, stated that the company had nothing further to add.

Documents released as part of the lawsuit demonstrated that Fox had broadcasted these false claims in an attempt to regain viewers who had been leaving the network. This viewership decline was triggered after Fox correctly projected that Democrat Joe Biden would win the fiercely contested state of Arizona on election night. One Vice President of Fox Corp. even described these claims as “MIND BLOWINGLY NUTS.”

During a deposition, Fox Chairman Rupert Murdoch testified that he believed the 2020 election to be fair and that it had not been stolen from former President Donald Trump.

In conclusion, Fox Corp. has announced that its chief legal officer, Viet Dinh, will be stepping down from his role. Dinh oversaw the settlement with Dominion Voting Systems, which resolved defamation allegations related to false claims made by Fox News during the 2020 U.S. presidential election. While the exact reason for Dinh’s departure was not disclosed, he will continue as a special advisor to Fox Corp. This development sheds light on the controversy surrounding Fox News and its coverage of the election, as well as the efforts made by the network to regain viewership.

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