Two dead in fiery plane crash at Van Nuys Airport in Los Angeles

Two individuals tragically lost their lives on Wednesday morning when a small plane crashed at Van Nuys Airport in Los Angeles. Witnesses at the scene reported seeing the CSA SportCruiser aircraft descending towards the runway in a nose-down position. The Los Angeles Fire Department Captain Erik Scott stated that the plane made a high-impact, nose-first collision with the ground, resulting in the immediate death of both occupants.

Emergency responders pronounced the individuals dead upon arrival. This incident marks the third crash at the airport this year, but the first one to have fatal consequences in the past two decades. The Los Angeles Times reported that firefighters arrived at the scene at 10:37 am and swiftly deployed fire-extinguishing foam to prevent the plane from further damage.

The National Transportation Safety Board, in conjunction with the Federal Aviation Administration, will conduct an investigation to determine the cause of the crash. A preliminary report detailing the incident is expected to be released on Thursday.

Before emergency teams arrived, a billowing plume of dark smoke could be seen rising above the airport, signaling the severity of the crash. Consequently, one of the main runways had to be temporarily closed, according to officials.

The identities of those involved in the tragic accident have not yet been disclosed to the public. Air tower controllers informed FOX11 that the plane was following its descent route just prior to the crash. The weather conditions at the time of the incident were clear skies with a south wind of approximately 10 mph. FlightAware data revealed that the aircraft had been in the air for nearly 15 minutes and had completed a previous journey without any reported issues earlier that morning.

The image accompanying the news article displays the wreckage of the small plane engulfed in flames on a Van Nuys Airport runway in Los Angeles, California. The severity of the crash highlights the importance of conducting a thorough investigation to determine the factors that contributed to this unfortunate incident.

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