Wagner Mercenary Group Will Stop Recruiting, New Recording Says

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A social media account associated with the Wagner private military company, which is linked to Russia, has posted a recording that claims the group’s leader is pausing recruitment and shifting focus to activities in Africa and Belarus. This suggests that the mercenary force, which recently staged a mutiny over Moscow’s handling of the war in Ukraine, will continue to operate on a smaller scale. However, the status of Wagner has been surrounded by speculation since its founder, Yevgeny V. Prigozhin, led the uprising in an attempt to overthrow Russian defense leadership.

In a recorded statement published on Monday on a Wagner-linked channel on the Telegram app, a voice believed to be Prigozhin’s said that the group’s members are currently determining their next tasks. He mentioned that many Wagner fighters are taking time off after a period of intense work, and some have joined Russian law enforcement agencies. The recording stated that as long as there is no personnel shortage, there are no plans for a new recruitment campaign, but if the homeland requires the formation of a new group to defend its interests, recruitment would commence.

A statement posted on a Telegram channel dedicated to Wagner recruitment on Sunday declared that the group’s regional centers in Russia would cease operations indefinitely. Since the failed mutiny, some Wagner fighters have moved to Belarus, where they have been seen training service members in videos. Others are believed to still be active in Africa, serving Prigozhin’s various business and political interests on the continent.

The whereabouts and status of Prigozhin have also raised questions. He seems to still be able to travel to Russia, as unverified images recently surfaced showing him meeting with African leaders in St. Petersburg, where President Vladimir Putin was hosting a summit. However, his media empire in Russia has largely been dismantled, and Russian state news media have portrayed him as a reckless thug. Prigozhin has reduced his public activity, making only occasional comments and toning down his criticism of Russia’s military leadership.

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